Rubato - Stealing Time is a sonic landscape where the paintings are created with sounds which become music which in turn tell a story. The CD booklet presents the stories in French and English and as one reads and listens to the brilliantly conceived music and sound, the stories burst into your senses -- for instance "The Hunter", where you can hear the north winds, screaming eagles, the pulse of time and the very essence of the first hunter on the great plains.

Using an electro-acoustic approach to blend the music and natural sound from his harmonicas, other mouth instruments, bass, guitar, and viola, Laroche has created a unique and distinctly Canadian work, unlike any release of recent years, especially by a harmonica player.



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370 Desautels St.
St. Boniface, Manitoba
Canada R2H OJ7
204-231-0907 (tel/fax)
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What the critics say about the CD:

"... a fascinating album of soundscapes. A master at all things harp related, Laroche creates moody masterpieces...the sound track for your next candlelight, 3 a.m., incense-lighting ceremony."
Bartley Kives
Winnipeg Free Press

"Gérald Laroche CD a true work of art."
Aileen Goos

"This is music for sitting on your porch all night and contemplating the stars, music to put your imagination to work, simply put, music for dreaming."
Doug Gallant
The Guardian