"In tying together natural sound and musical instruments, I create a painting or a soundscape."
"The sounds become music. The music becomes a story. These stories, imbued with Canada's Prairies and the North, are then narrated. Each story is like a little pencil drawing, and the music is colour added to complete the painting. As a result each soundscape tells a story of its own."

"These stories are a result of my extensive touring and love of the North and of my family history in the Prairies. The recorded works take one from the north to the south and back again as in the spiritual journey of the first hunter which takes you from the North pole down to the vast prairie among the great bison herds and back up to the North Pole; or into a child's dream where, in a field of spring flowers among giant oaks, a dragonfly invites a young girl to dance; or to marvel at a wizard transforming himself and his surroundings into eagles, chickens, colour, fire and sound; or into the haunting grasp of cabin fever or the Great Fever arriving to southern prairies; or to share a mirror-like calmness on Lake Winnipeg through a young Metis' eyes, just before the earth's secrets leave the bottom of the lake; or to join in the gritty last-minute yahoo of a mining town about to close."

Gérald Laroche



Critical praise for Gérald Laroche

"I was awestruck...(Laroche) is a performer who draws the audience into his playing like no other I have ever seen."
Chris Hopkins
Yellowknife Folk on the Rocks

"His story recalled tales of Arctic dust blowing southward to the Manitoba plains and the ancient buffalo herds...his breathing..slowly blended with the Indian rhythms of the mouth harp, the beat quickening and entrancing the audience who sat absolutely still..."
Prince George Citizen

"Laroche is a risk taker, an experimenter, an improvisationalist, a storyteller, an entrepreneur, an observer, and a musician. He is the harmonica wizard."
Blues Scene Quarterly

"A master at all things harp-related, Laroche creates moody masterpieces out of the mouth bow and jaw harp, weaving electric guitar, viola, stand-up bass and percussion into the background fabric."
Bartley Kives
Winnipeg Free Press